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Minimum Main Event Payoff

1. $150011. $250
2. $120012. $225
3. $100013. $220
4. $80014. $215
5. $60015. $210
6. $50016. $200
7. $40017. $200
8. $35018. $200
9. $32519. $200
10. $30020. $200


• Non-qualifiers: $75 if they finish B Main
• All others: $50

• All heat race winners will receive a $50 product certificate.
• All 5th place finishers of the B Main will receive a $50 certificate.
• The hard charger of the A main will receive a $100 certificate.
• The Crew Chief of the Race will receive prizes.
• 10th place finishers will receive an Intercomp Certificate
• Back-to Back feature winners receive $100 in Fast Shafts certificates.

Sponsored by: Fast Shafts by Axle Exchange, R2C Performance, AFCO, Real Wheels, Out-Pace, Intercomp, The Mod Tour, & Allstar Performance.

24-Car Field Option

1. $150013. $260
2. $120014. $250
3. $100015. $240
4. $80016. $230
5. $60017. $225
6. $50018. $220
7. $40019. $215
8. $35020. $210
9. $32521. $200
10. $30022. $200
11. $29023. $200
12. $28024. $200

TOTAL PURSE: $10,195

• Non-qualifiers: $75 if they finish B Main
• Non B-Main Finishers or non B-Main Starters: $50

• A track must decide this before the tour schedule is released or it will be a 20 car field.
• If there are more than 48 cars in attendance the night of the event. This will be a track option.

Benefits for the Race Tracks

• Some of the best of Wissota Modified Drivers and Crews in attendance.
• Extra fans in attendance.
• Opportunity for local modified drivers to earn extra money and awards.
• Opportunity to be a part of something new and special for our area of Wissota racing.
• Perfect attendance and other qualifications put forth by tour officials will guarantee high car counts.
• No event fees charged to the race track like other modified touring series that come to our area tracks.
• Tour will help with radio ads if track or promotor need assistance.
• Positive exposure for your track by holding an event in the tourís first year.
• Tour will supply the main event winnerís trophy.
• Guaranteed point fund equal to minimum feature payoff.

Track and Promoter Obligations

• Ads will be ran in All the Dirt 14 days prior to the event (Wissota rule for a special). The ad must include the tour logo. If the track runs radio ads, the tour announcer and director will record an ad to be used for the event.
• No fee will be charged to the track to run this event, unless the track does not sanction Wissota modifieds. The track must then pay Wissota the sanctioning fee.
• The event payouts must be guaranteed to be paid by the host track or promoter after each tour race they host. The payouts will be paid that night before the racers leave.
• Pit fees will be set by the race track or promoter. The max for the driver is $35 and $30 for the pit crew.
• The track must allow the title sponsors to set up a display and/or booth behind the grandstand along with any other tour vendors.
• The track must allow the tour banners to be hung throughout the track facility.
• The track or promoter will allow all tour sponsors free admission. A list of names will be provided the day of the race. This does not include the tour director or employees.
• All the post race teching will be completed by the track tech official.

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